New Release – Desert Sunrise by Gina Briganti

Desert SunriseI’m thrilled to announce the new release, Desert Sunrise, book two of the Natural Gifts series by Gina Briganti. Today begins a week long journey into the lives of Lucy Shannon and Stan Spellman, with guest appearances from Joe Jacobs and Dana Carapelli from The Dreaming.

Today I’ll be sharing a special interview, and will be following the fun throughout the week. On Saturday the 27 September I’ll provide a review and summary of the launch for your to enjoy.

First, here is a trailer for Desert Sunrise.

Character Q & A

Several of the characters in the Natural Gifts series are learning more about their gifts, and the way they work.  Melissa and I were wondering how they feel about their budding abilities, so we gathered them up to ask them a question we are curious about; would they give their ability back, or erase it, and go back to their lives without their gifts if they could?

Here’s what Carter, Dana, Joe, Lucy, and Stan shared with us.

Carter:  (Tapped the microphone and said “Is this thing working?  He chuckled nervously, and then we decided to let him tell us his answer without a camera or audio recording, which set the tone for the rest of the Q & A.)

I’m getting used to what is happening to me.  A lot of the time I try to ignore it, and it’s not too bad if I’m at home.  I’m glad about that.  The day it started was overwhelming, and I would have given anything to make it stop.  Now, I don’t know if I would erase it or give it back.  I guess I’m getting used to it.

Dana:  (Dana is used to being on camera, but we thought it made more sense to have everyone’s answer appear the same way.  Perhaps you will get to see the lovely Dana another time.)

Would I give it back or erase it?  No way!  Being able to research the future in The Dreaming has added an amazing dimension to my life.  (Dana laughed at her corny joke).  The depth of the connection I have with Joe because of my gift is too good to pass up.  Like a stunningly delicious healthy meal.  You know, the kind where when you’re eating it, you think it has to be bad for you because it taste so good?  Telepathy is so practical, I wish more people could do it.  

Joe:  (Sigh.  Joe is too handsome for words, and he couldn’t be any more charming.  You know what’s great about Joe?  It’s not a façade.  This is the real Joe.  Joe took a few moments to think about the question before he answered.)

I’ve been living this way for more than thirty years, and I honestly can’t remember what life was like before I started waking up into The Dreaming every time I fell asleep.  Factoring everything in, especially the connection I share with Dana there and in The World now that we’re learning more about our abilities, I think that I would keep it if given the chance to give it back.  Before I met Dana, I might have been more willing to give it up.  My divorce was a direct result of information I learned in The Dreaming, and the way I’ve lived since then hasn’t always been easy.  Yes, before Dana it’s possible that I would have given it up.  I definitely would not give it back now.

Lucy:  Discovering how my special relationships with animals, bugs, and so on, works, has added too much to my life experience for me to want to go back.  I’ve been able to help with it, too, which thrills me.  I call it a gift, and I’m interested in exploring it.  I don’t see any reason to give it back or erase it.

I know this is off topic, but where did you buy your genie pants, Gina?  I love them!  And Mel, you have an amazing smile!

Stan:  (Stan has more sex appeal than anything walking; even Joe.  No wonder it took a fireball like Lucy to tame him.  Yowza!)

Do you know of a way to give it back, or go back?  Lucy might not like that I would give the ability back, but I don’t begrudge her the right to have it and use it.  She’s developing it.  She’s comfortable with it.  I don’t consider it a gift the way she does, either.  Talking to Rain about it in the barn is a good case in point of why I’d rather not go down that road.  I would definitely give it back, even if I do think it’s interesting in other people.  Joe and Dana’s abilities are interesting, too.  I think having this ability is not for me.

Lucy: (Lucy and Stan sat down with Melissa and I together.  When she heard Stan’s answer, it definitely gave her pause.)  Really, Stan?  I thought you were becoming more comfortable with it.

Stan:  A little more comfortable, especially since we found out about Joe and Dana, but the question was would I give it back or erase it and my answer is yes I would.  I don’t want to erase it for anyone else, only myself.

Lucy:   (Shrugs) To each his own.

Stan:  That’s my Lucy.  (They shared a private look and a hug that showed Melissa and I how much they understand and respect one another.)

We hope you enjoyed reading their answers, and we encourage you to ask them a question if you have one for them.  They’re a friendly bunch.      

Desert Sunrise 2

Desert Sunrise is available now in paperback and Kindle from

About the author: Gina Briganti is an author, Holistic Health Consultant, and Reiki Teacher, currently in private practice. She lives with her family which will include her first grandchild next spring, a special soul who masquerades as a dog, another who masquerades as a cat, and the beautiful desert.  She loves to hear from readers, so feel free to connect with her on her website, sign up for her newsletter, check out her Amazon author central page, her Goodreads page, and Facebook.

Thanks for reading.




Reblogged this on Melissa Barker-Simpson and commented:
Have a fabulous week, Gina. I have my copy 🙂

Cool trailer! Character interviews are always interesting as well 🙂

Mel, I thank you with all my heart for sharing this special week with me. I hope you enjoy Stan and Lucy’s love story as much as I have.

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