Short Stories by Tom Finnegan : None

Short Stories by Tom Finnegan : None


Mr Thomas Michael Finnegan
Paperback | 204 pages
152 x 229 x 11mm | 281g
Publication date
21 May 2018
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white


This collection of short stories covers one thousand years of history, from merciless Viking raiders in the ninth century, to death ray execution in the twenty third century. END GAME Lord Dunne his wife and their four remaining fellow revolutionaries walk out into the sunshine expecting death. Death comes to four of them that morning but Juliana Lord Dunne's wife lives on and the revolution builds around her. VIKING RAIDER Rowing ashore in the early dawn the Viking raiders expect and give no mercy. Earl Haakon the Viking leader is disappointed with his haul this morning, that is, until he sees a young woman being dragged along by one of his fighters. Haakon claims the girl as a prize of war and gives instruction to his personal berserker that any who touches this woman must die. PHOENIX An asteroid fifty miles across crashes into the Earth and destroys all life, the only survivors are a group of 200 people taking part in an experiment of living in Luna city on the moon. Their return is a sad traumatic experience with no life showing anywhere. Forced to scavenge in ruined cities for their food the settlers are fortunate that fish have survived, when vegetation inevitably returns this group begin the task of rebuilding civilisation. HMS GOLIATH Captain Sutherland is annoyed when his voyage to the Pacific, which he has orders to make in complete secrecy, is interrupted by the discovery of a derelict boat in mid Atlantic. Further complications are ensured when he discovers that among the survivors in the boat is the bride to be of the Governor of New Spain. The reluctant passenger is forced to endure savage sea fights and a long journey around the horn.

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